I am Frost

who I am

Dj, Producer, Live-Act, Writer

The I am Frost Project – To create a project that goes beyond the boundaries of music, that was the goal with which René Frost began his I am Frost project in 2013. I am Frost combines music, video and words into a multimedia work of art that appeals to the eyes, ears and mind in equal measure. The story behind his new EP "No Way Out" follows on seamlessly from the previous EP - "The Path to Cognition" - and can be understood as a second chapter in this story, with the third chapter awaiting in winter 2014. The "No Way Out" EP by I am Frost, feat. Tinush remix, will be released on Vergissmeinnicht on 1 August.

Peace, love & happiness. These three words best describe the feeling that is created when I am Frost performs at clubs and festivals. I am Frost – is the stage name of German producer René Frost. René was born in 1987 in the German village of Feldberg in and currently lives in the capital of techno, Berlin. It was at Fusion Festival where René first experienced that magic moment that infected him with a passion for electronic music. In 2009 he left his village to study music production at the SAE Institute in Berlin and soon became part of the globally active artist collective Vergissmeinnicht.